Hello there, 🙋‍♀️

Welcome to my little corner of the web. I'm Trstn - a curious human being with quite the love for this infinitely interesting world we all live in.

I am a multi·cross·inter·intra·disciplinary artist born in Banff, raised in Canmore, and currently based on Treaty 7 land. At the moment I'm studying at the Alberta University of the Arts (Formerly called ACAD). Before the pandemic and Covid 19 had its way with the world I intended to major in ceramics. Nowadays my focus is varied and finding a new footing. Less dirty in a literal sense but sometimes figuratively just as muddy. There is still mud and mushing in the stuff of thoughts. With new realities and unforeseen circumstances I've also chosen to focus more on my writing.

Currently this website is quite the work in progress but I've gotten it to a starting point I'm happy with anyway. If you'd like some info on that, you can find it in the colophon page. Eventually it will be a more fleshed out digital garden of sorts. Projects, art pieces, photography, poems, and plenty more will be grown and well watered.