Elevator Bios

Art Practice

I am an artist and writer currently studying at the Alberta University of the Arts. My work looks at materiality and the human touch, communication, nuance, and what often seems intangible. I like to delve into personal topics that feel narrow but transcend boundaries. Moments of imperfection, love, grief, rivers of mistakes, and the blooming beauty found all throughout human lives. Many experiences feel incredibly individual but are paralleled by billions. Always a little bit the same, and always a little bit different. I work with materials that range from traditional drawing supplies, clay and fibre based materials, to digital and new media. As time passes, I intend to get my hands dirtier in both the physical and the digital world of bits and bytes. Although much of my work leans towards a bubble of vulnerability and introspection, I'm happy to pop that bubble and explore other concepts ‚ÄĒ especially through collaboration.


My poetry mines a similar vein but finds itself a little less grounded and more abstract and romantic. Poems range in inspiration from moments to daydreams, half realities stitched together, muses intermingle, a blush and a yearning turns into a series of words, a memory chips at a part of my soul until I have to say something about it, crushes cause sparks that start fires, and sometimes a spring day or winter punctuated with a warm drink is enough.

Outside of Art

Outside of my art practice I attempt to be passionately and compassionately curious. As Alice did in Wonderland, I always find myself "Curiouser and curiouser!" The things that are interesting to me seem to be infinite and I have to reign myself in. At times I have difficulty seeing where the beauty of the world stops but it often seems to stop where connection, listening, looking, and attention do. When we stop what lets us appreciate it, it stops. I've wanted to do many things and life has either ripped them apart or serendipitously opened doors and pushed me through them. Travel and connection are very important parts of my life and I intend to do much more when I can. I intend to make friends all over the world, share time and space and food and drinks. I believe life is a beautiful gift and even the mundane can be beautifully romanticized.

Extended Bio

I am a multi·cross·inter·intra·disciplinary artist born in Banff, raised in Canmore, and currently based on Treaty 7 land. At the moment I'm studying at the Alberta University of the Arts (Formerly called ACAD). Before the pandemic and Covid 19 had its way with the world I intended to major in ceramics. My appreciation for ceramics has not diminished but as my access to studio space where I can work with clay has been on hold I have realized how deeply I appreciate all other forms of materiality.

I have been quite creative for as long as I can remember. I loved to write short stories from a young age, some of them with quite the fever dream like ideas. Some of my cherished early memories ‚ÄĒ as fragmented as they are ‚ÄĒ involve Lego. I would build a Lego set perfectly, and it would never stay built for long. It would be appreciated, and then I would take it apart and iterate. I would try to make something different, with the same parts, and to a similar standard. I still find it so intriguing that I was considering palettes, composition, and building taste so early.

Careers I Once Wanted

Want to support my work?

If you'd like to support what I do, or my existence in a general sense, there are a few different ways.

There are usually a variety of things on the top of my wishlist. Some of them that have to do with my every day life and some that have the potential to make a notable difference in the work I make. If you'd like to specifically support one of those purchases just add a comment with a hashtag and the name of what you'd like your money to go towards. Eg. #tattoos